Waste trucks (if full) abandon an aircraft to empty their load

I have noticed that if a waste truck is fairly full and goes to an aircraft to pick up waste, if it becomes full before the aircraft is fully clear of the waste, it will then leave the aircraft, go to the waste depot to get rid of all it’s waste and then go back the same aircraft to finish the job. All the time, there are spare waste trucks in a parking depot doing nothing. This will ALWAYS cause a delay.

Is this right? Surely if a waste truck cannot finish a job, it should be replaced by another that is sitting doing nothing, whilst the first one goes to the waste depot to empty itself of trash …


Actually a spare truck should pick up the task and already wait at the stand.

Do you work with terminal zones?

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I have my domestic terminal zoned as terminal one and I have not zoned my international terminal.

The stand I saw with a problem was a domestic one and the parking depot that the waste vehicles are in, is zoned for terminal 1. The 4 spare waste trucks were sitting in the zoned terminal 1 vehicle depot.

Should I zone my international area as well, rather than just leave it untouched?

Yeah, because the spare trucks are assigned to terminal 1, they won’t serve planes outside of that terminal zone.

Does your domestic and international terminal use independent transit and check in structures? If you play with a central transit/check in area, you do better if you avoid terminal zones at all.

And do you know how to assign vehicles and staff to different terminals?

In response to the first part, it was a domestic (terminal 1) flight that I was having a problem with. The 4 spare waste trucks were sitting in a vehicle depot that is assigned to terminal 1 and so according to what you are saying, I theoretically should not have had a problem.

My 2 terminals use a central check-in area in the same building. The baggage belts then go off in different directions to their own separate baggage bay areas, serving the 2 terminals/wings of the airport.

I was not aware that I could assign specific vehicles to a particular terminal. I assigned certain parking depots to terminal 1 and it seems that every vehicle I assign to those vehicle depots are assigned terminal 1 by default - which is fine. Is that not right?

It sounds all correct. Could you share some screenshots of your airport with active zone overlay?

Yeah sounds strange… the job task should be freed up for any truck if the initial truck fails to fully complete the task. You’re 100% sure this is not the case? What exactly does the vehicle terminal assignments look like?

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