Want to report some small issues

Been playing for a bit and have noticed some small details I want to report or discuss.

EDIT: Did a test of a remote stand flight. I only booked that flight I could really test it.
So de-boarding was done and cleaning was done shortly after. And I have so many buses free. WHY?? Is it the same bus that was going to drop of passengers, that then needs to do the boarding. Can the game not allocate another bus to do the boarding??

  1. The boarding start time - If you press the boarding desk, that time is set to when the plane arrives I believe? I think it’s needs some tuning.

  2. I have the volcano event, and the planes in que decided to get very comfy for the wait.
    Also It would be very cool if they turned the engines off, right now there are gonna stand there for the next few hours burning thru all the fuel and not refuel before they go.

  1. The currency (Kr) for me, is under the value instead of after the value. So it’s half way of the screen.

And a wish.
It would also be cool to have big flights that only comes once, like the contract only says (1) in the flight planner, and they stay parked for a few hours?

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