Waiting at wrong floor [solved]


This is my check-in hall, with plenty of seating.
As I am still running test flights, I atm only have one about to check-in.
It will use the top right 2-3 desks.
So were is the passengers?

Well, they ofc want to be as close as possible to the check-desk.
SO they decide it’s closer to wait in the baggage claim area.
They are sitting EXACTYL below the allocated check-in desks.

Since that is the closest they can be.
Technically is no space between floors. (No distance from floor to roof)
That’s my understanding of it. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

So what I wanna ask, can the devs put in a distance that is only “seen” by the passengers.
So they will figure that it’s closer to wait at the same floor? Usually seating is not that far away anyway. Or perhaps it’s possible to make the game know that this object is at floor 0, 1, 2 ,-1 So then the passengers will know what floor to go to.

well I never had a problem like this since I never place waiting benches near non-gate area.

I guess I could have no seating the baggage area :stuck_out_tongue: Haha.

I’ve noticed similar things near boarding when there are seatings on the floor above or below. But so far I have never seen that in the check in area. (may it’s because I do the baggage claim within secure zone)

But yeah, this is something which should be improved. :confused:

You can put baggage in secure zone? And then they go thru secure exit after they pick up baggage?

Follow up question, if I have passport control → Baggage claim → Secure exit. Will that work or do they want to thru secure exit right after passport control?

Possible are:
Gate → Passport control → Baggage Claim → Exit
Gate → Passport control → Exit → Baggage Claim

Gate → Passport control → Baggage Claim → Exit
Have you tried this one?

Because I did do a test but it was for the check-in, to shopping, to gate part.
So I had Check-in → Security → Food → Passport control → Gate.
And they completely ignored the food.

That’s why I am thinking they will skip the bags and just go for Exit, but maybe it different if you do the other way around :smiley:

But for my terminals with no passport control I’ll definitely move my secure exits to after baggage claim :smiley:

Arriving passengers have no need for any retail. When they leave the plane, they think about two options:

A) get as quick to a restroom
B) get as quick to the next objects, leading out. So what is the next object. That can be the passport check, the security exit or the baggage claim.

Departing passengers which have to be in international zone, also ignore retail before the passport check.

Yeah I know about that :slight_smile: I did mean the departing passengers. But yes true, arriving does only wanna get out so it makes sense :slight_smile:

Aslo thank you @andyc I did change the Baggage claim to secure zone and moved the secure exits. Now they are waiting for check-in in the check-in area :smiley: :smiley:

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Not 100% sure on those points, I have a very well performance arrivals store and food :slight_smile: in a large airport. I agree it isn’t “needed” and in real world it’s only large airports offering them, but they do generate customers in arrivals segregated areas, just not to same amount.

Similar with international situation, some can visit retail/food before passing the immigration controls, just maybe just depends on if their requirement is triggered early enough. Again, this is me talking about very large airports.

An option to test this is forcing passengers to go through an arrival shopping zone. :slight_smile:
May I can fit one in to my new regular test airport.

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