Waht's wrong with my airport?

This plane’s passengers cannot deboard:

Why is that and how to fix? I have built a terminal, a stand adjacent to the terminal, secured the area, and built a boarding desk and a door that opens to the crosswalk.

Is that a road going into the terminal?


I think the road is blocking people from getting to the door (people can’t walk over roads if im correct)

I think that is the problem as well… :slight_smile:

Yeah the road in the terminal prevents pax getting to the stand. Remove that road. Or if is integral to your design you could just pop more crosswalks on and create a route. Don’t forget to make it secure area


I have a question. What that road for?

That’s a service road from the landside area through the terminal to the airside area, so that fuel can be delivered and new trucks can be procured. I like my fuel trucks driving through the building against all safety regulations.

Is it working now? Otherwise please send a picture of your full airport with zones visible, so we can help better to solve the issue. The road is indeed in a strange place and part of the issue, that should be connected to the left of the stand’s road.

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Yes, moving around the boarding desk and moving the road one tile to the right fixed the issue.

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They can if there is a terminal block under it :wink:

Somehow I have a feeling that roads should not be allowed to be built inside terminal buildings :smiley: Call me old-fashioned, but I like my terminals to be passenger-only! :slight_smile:

I like to have roads in the terminal so i don’t have to put the baggage bay at the edge, and to make it one way traffic against jamms.

The moment that we can build PAX bridges or tunnels to cross over Taxi-Lanes and roads I agree, as long as we cant, that will be horrible for logistics on the airport.

Agree. I’m hoping floors will solve having to do this work-around.

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If floors can be build above “roads”, that would solve a lot.

Floors above taxi-lanes would be more difficult, I would rather have a tunnel.

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