Volume please ~ New build

So, it seems there is a steam challenge for 50.000.000 PAX, which I find a good reason to design for a high throughput field. Lets find out how that goes :wink: ~ Easy mode, large field.

Booting up research;

Getting somewhere;

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I suggest leaving the first message for the results of the challenge participants. Or will we make a separate branch for this? )

Start a general thread, let the people post a link to their own thread. :wink:

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Remote bootup running

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Burned to much money on the remote stands it seems, in combination with (again) forgetting the limit of the small tower. I am now waiting out loans again, doubting if I should start over or not. While having about 1.000.000 refinance room in the loans. I choose to start remote, to save room for terminals, for medium and large planes, but it seems you barely make a profit on those stands.

Yes, starting over, I burned wayyyyy to much money.

Starting a medium terminal this time.

Are we just going for maximum stands and output at any cost? I am asking because my past builds with single wide taxiways, floating terminals, and only subways for transit would have moments of lag that ruined the speed of passenger output.

No idea, I just building for fun, lets see what year I hit the target :smiley:

First shops in;

I know what you’re talking about. Lagging caused of too much PAX at the airport.
I can only play in slow speed otherwise the flights got delayed and not all PAX get onto their planes.

I try to achieve this milestone for a long time.
After 197 years i’ve “only” 22 million PAX and 9 million baggages.


Oh, very nice, I have no idea if and when I will hit it, but it is nice to challenge yourself :smiley:

But I also have to admit that I didn’t play completely fair in the beginning.

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I have played on easy settings, now starting to extend slowly.

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Oh god, this will take forever…

First pavilion getting in shape;

I could publish my save game if anyone wants to see how all looks detailed.
But be careful you’re CPU will get really hot.


Scaling up security.


Money gushing in, concrete conversion done. Oh, and my people have toilets now and the second runway is up.

Some staff training;

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Say, you would ship out 15.000 people a day, you would need 277 years.

50.000.000/15.000/12 = 277

What is your daily atm? 10k? that would be 416 years.

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Moved all parking, bus and taxis underground.

Current top side.

The traffic became a mess, I redid it;

Double busses keep blocking; removed them all.