VIP only security checkpoint/check-in

We have first class, business class, premium economy class right? And should we have a VIP only security checkpoint and check-in desk?

In many airports, VIP have their own security checks and check-in desks and separated from the economy passengers.

Also, I think the airline louges should be further developed like making real VIP passengers to come in.

real VIP would never use a common airline lounge.
You are looking for a split up between VIP lounges and the normal business/airline member lounges.

I think that for the game one lounge level is enough. But yeah, the feature isn’t finished I think as lounges do not operate 100% correct at the moment.
Some extra rows/check ins would be nice.

Also It will be interesting to see how business class has an impact on the new coming airline rating system in alpha 36. A low cost carrier might not provide business class at all, so why building a lounge for them.

Quicker check-in and preferential boarding is something I’ve seen done and experienced with flying first class or business class irl, I’d find it cool to see it in game.

I’m surprised that you don’t ask VIP passengers for a separate exit or ladder to the plane, separate toilets, and VIP shuttles directly to the plane’s ladder.

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VIPs don’t stoop so low as you have to go to the bathroom.

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Good Idea, why shouldn’t we do a VIP update for Alpha 37?

Alpha 36 will be the last Alpha before Beta stage. There will be no Alpha 37.

I don’t see the reason to build huge vip infrastructure. It’s unrealistic that you have every flight full with vips.

Just improve the current lounges and business functions (preffered lanes) would be enough.

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I feel that an complete update would be a bit overhaul but some additional feature would be cool. Don’t take me wrong, I would love to be able to make certain security stations and check in desks VIP only, but a whole VIP update before the all the features of the game are added would be a bit out of place. Maybe an after version 1.0 is out? But, I like the idea! :wink:

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