Very Laggy!

I love this game, but it is getting extremely laggy to play! I have 20+ big plane stand, does it affect?
I can send you my save game file, but how to I locate the save file?

Below is my PC details:
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz
Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Operating SystemWindows 10

You can try playing around with the graphical settings, see if that helps you.
The only time I got lag was when I had the Volcano event happen.

The best way to report this would be using the in-game bug report tool, just click on the settings cog in the top right and then Report Bug. This will add the save, logs + you can easily add a screenshot as well to the support ticket.

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Few questions, which version do you play, experimental or default?

How many passengers do you have?



This is the Beta 2.2-3 release… is it default?

Loading the game takes 6-7 mins. I have 11,643 passengers. 539 staff, 31 aircraft parked, 25 large aircraft stand

thanks for telling me that. Spent more than 10 mins reporting the bug. Opening the settings is already slow… typing my problem is another challenge. Submitting takes more than 5 mins… it seems to attach save file too… I hope developer can address the problem

Hi Fredrik,

able to assist…?

When running the game, what does your Windows task manager say? Any ressources full?

yes, CPU running at near 100% even though Airport CEO is the only app/game running…

11k passengers and 25 large stands is a very high number that indeed will take some processing power to deal with. Beta 3 however contains a lot of performance improvements from both the loading perspective but also from a processing perspective. It should drop on the default branch sometime this week and run a little better, however without looking at your save it’s difficult to say if it’ll solve your immediate issues.


Hello Olof, thank you for your response. Seems like you received my saved file. Appreciate your team can look into it. This is a great game, will wait for fix…


What is the bug report number?

where do I get the bug number from?
Pls let me know and i will look for it… else very hesitant to load the game as it will take more than 7 mins to load…

You need to fetch it as you make the report, however since you’re on beta 2 it might be good to wait until we’ve deployed beta 3 on the default branch as it has multiple performance upgrades, especially concerning load times.

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Buy a new PC
Full stop

Olof, i updated to beta 3. Loading the game is faster, within 1 min. But once game is loaded, it becomes very laggy again…

Olof, I am sending another bug report, subject “very laggy”.
1st report did not go through with error (error500:no connection to server).

Is your airport performing as expected or do you have capacity issues? As mentioned before, at 11k+ pax you’d certainly expect a bit of lag unless you’re running the game on a super computer.

If the server returns a 500 error message I’d recommend trying a little later as your connection may affect the upload success.

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Unfortunately, ALL city builders/tycoon/management games of this kind will perform poorly by the late game. Cities Skylines, Airport CEO, Factorio, I guess Prison Architect (I haven’t played that much)… Expect 20-30 fps if you’re lucky and have a good rig. Not to mention when you use hundreds of mods: a big city with many mods in CS runs at 5-10.

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Yeah, this is very accurate. The alternative would be to put hard limits on how many passengers are being spawned, or objects that can be built, and that wouldn’t be good for anyone.


updated to beta 4… .still very laggy. I am sending a bug report to you now… and that is taking me around 4 mins already, and it is still sending… pls help!!