Very disappointed in the "Official" Wiki

Just come back to the game after 2 years away and I’m very disappointed at the state of the so-called “official” wiki. Does the dev team think to update it, or does it not deserve its “official” title any more? It’s not only missing crucial information, but important details - such as how many stands each baggage bay supports - haven’t been updated in a while it seems. So after waiting 3 in-game years to build out my massive medium stand terminal costing $6m, I find that all my calculations are off - each of the 3 buildings with 10 stands each has 5 boarding desks and one baggage bay. Now I need to either demolish and rebuild, or go back to a much earlier save. Very frustrated right now.

Yah, that’s updated rarely by players, no dev interaction. There’s just so little commitment to it. I spent hours on some of those pages, but it’s just hard to keep going. It’s a sad place…

If you find it, there is a page called “Baggage (New page)”, which is attempting to fix some of the problems of the old page

The wiki is indeed “official”, meaning that while it is the most developed Wiki out there, it’s still developed and maintained by players. We were at the point of releasing Airport CEO unsure where most of the information, tutorials and such would be housed and over the years it has become apparent that YouTube and specific online guides are far more prevalent than the wiki. Given the complexity of some of the systems in ACEO that to me also makes sense, a wiki is perhaps not really that instructive compared to a YT video. That said, the above mentioned baggage page update is a significant boost to the overall quality of the wiki and highly appreciated.