Version 25 - International Hub

Hey all,

Creation of the week; 30 medium stands, 4 secure zones, linear setup.

West entree;

East entree;

Between piers;

The south;

Check-in with dedicated (unused) waiting room and staff room, plus toilets;

Left pier, with separated secure area, its own shops, toilets, baggage area and staff rooms for security, ramp agents and airport staff.

Left wing entrance; separated PAX in/out zones.

Pier 2 en 3, same setups; shops, toilets, specialist staff rooms and separated in/out zones for PAX with a combined secure zone on each A/B side for both piers.

Pier 4, same idea as the other ones :slight_smile:

Current staff numbers;

Current vehicle numbers;

Awesome game we have!


Massive! Very cool. Will definitely include in next week’s (not on Monday though) devlog! :smiley:


I just wanted to say thanks for including my last airport on the lasted devlog that was pretty cool to see my airport in it lol