Vehicles roaming unnessarily

-2 and -3 seem to have trouble sending my vehicles to the underground service lots for some reason.

That whole parking complex is empty.

Filed a report, but couldn’t catch the bug number, but same screenshot.

Could you clean up the one way signs a bit there then post a new screenshot? Right now there’s too many of them. If you have just one sign for an entire one lane road, it should be enough.

Have you assigned vehicles to the underground lots?

Please note that not all reports make it to the public board, as devs will investigate and merge multiple similar reports together, but they will definitely be looked at.

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I remember some complaints about that, for instance about pushback trucks roaming around even though their parking space is assigned to a stand. I myself assign all pushbacks to the stand and have seen them driving around, which is not necessary.

@dewitjur The setup was working before, there was epic deadlocks with all the vehicles coming in and out.

@Puma, does each vehicle need to be manually assigned now? I never assigned parking.

This was an issue that started happening recently.

does each vehicle need to be manually assigned now? I never assigned parking

If you want to have vehicles in a specific spot yes, otherwise it’s related to work location (like staff rooms) or if there is space available. Do you have any parking on higher floors?

There’s 3 parking garages. All are full.

yes to all of the above

All of the vehicles are engaged in needless wandering. Assigning them to stands is pointless, they leave the stand and drive somewhere maybe to return. It’s definitely a new phenomenon.

Just like with employees and job tasks, so has behavior change for service vehicles in Alpha 35. Thus we will be postponing looking into this until the public launch of A35.

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Cool! Will that also solve the turning on the road issues?

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