Vehicles assigned to service-side parking getting stuck in public parking system

These baggage trucks I just ordered are going into my one-way public transport system. Not only are they ignoring lanes designated for buses, taxies and person cars only, but they are also ignoring one-way signs. The same happened with some de-icing trucks I ordered previously.

I think this a common vehicle bug that really makes it hard for the vehicles to get to the checkpoint. Do you have any unbuilt roads or planned roads?

No, I’m pretty much done with this terminal. I designed the public parking to be one-way only with lanes restricted to one type of vehicle, e.g. buses, taxis, person cars. In fact the first two signs are one-way on the left lane and no vehicles except the above-mentioned types on the right lane. One baggage truck went right and the other left…

I’d like to know what causes this problem. In one of my airports I often find my new vehicles driving up and down my main road seemingly unable to turn into the road for my service gate.

Can you show us your entire setup?

It’s grown a bit since I posted this, but this is the small terminal part:

You’ve designated those roads for only the vehicles you mentioned by right clicking the road node and selecting the vehicle in question?

I did initially but then I realised that if the parking spots are of only one type then only that type goes that route anyway so designating them in this way is unnecessary.

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