Vehicle depot, security check point glitch?

Has anyone seen this before? I can’t work out what’s happening or how to fix it. I deleted the depot and the roads, I opened the console panel and reset the road nodes. Nothing worked and the trucks keep coming from the main entrance and won’t exit through the security check point either. Bug or have I missed something?

first yes I have and you just wasted all your money on that many fuel trucks and the way to fix it is in f10 unoccupy all road nodes

Did you accidently enter a very large value into the order field? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I entered order fuel I think I may have put 99 on each type of fuel. Is this what caused it? The F10 console buttonn unoccupy all road nodes does nothing they just freak out move a little and stop.

I think you ordered fuel trucks and not fuel. Fuel is delivered by contracts. The only way I know to fix this is deleting the vehicles in your save folder editing VehicleData.json. Well, good luck :laughing:


Hahaha that’s just clicked now what I did and I ordered 99 on each fuel type so I’m guessing I’ve ordered 198 fuel trucks. No wonder the trucks just won’t stop coming. Thanks for the help. I’ll see if I can edit the file.

@Olof Maybe you should implement a way to cancel undelivered orders/orders in progress of being delivered?

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