Vehicle Depot Assignation

I’ve been obliged to restart a completely new game due to another issue.
In my new game, I have installed 6 vehicles depot.
Giving them a specific name like Medium, GA, Bus, cleaning, etc
I bought 18 busses & assigned them to “Bus”
I bought medium pullback, with big fuel trucks, and assigned them all to Medium
Then a couple fuel avgas and defrozen (sorry if I don’t know the english name of the vehicles) assigned to GA.
I also bought some cleaner and food trucks assigned specifically to one depot

But when I bought the bagage transport vehicle then they went to all of those depot messing the rest. until I assigned manually the new vehicles.

Could you really fix this when you’ll have time, boring to be obliged to check and reassign often some vehicles that switch depot without me asking for it

I guess, a mechanism like the staff rooms could work. Just decide, what type of vehicle may park here. Alas, no such thing implemented.

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