Vehicle checkpoints issue

Hey guys,

I’m stuck at a stage where I’d like to include the cleaning trucks.

I bought new trucks but they roam around in the open map. Unable to cross the vehicle checkpoint.

I thought it might be an issue with these trucks so I bought a police car and an ambulance. The ambulance somehow just spawned in the emergency response station.

The cleaning trucks and the police car go all the way up to the checkpoint turn around and go back… Help please :slight_smile:

It sounds as if they can’t find a route to their destination, did you checked if there are only service roads behind the checkpoint?
Then also because I can’t see it do you have a wast depot?
And do you have enough free parking spaces?
If everything is ok, I would suggest to bug report it and try if save and reload will fix it

Hey, I’ve done a save and a reload. it is a service road. parking spaces and a waste depot… both are available… really weird why the vehicle checkpoint stopped working…

none of these work.

i have reported a bug. Will check if it’s responded to. BTW where do I see a response to that?

In best case you get the answer here.

Otherwise you can also share your savegame on the Steam Workshop and put the link here. Them we can take a look into your save and maybe find the issue.

But as mentioned, often they drive around when there aren’t enough parking possibilities available. Parking garages have a limit too. You see it when you click on it.


Thank you so much for this.

Well the situation now is as below:
-Once I loaded the game in, the waste trucks somehow loaded on the other side of the vehicle checkpoint.
-Now the police car is unable to cross the checkpoint and roam’s in the parking lots, etec

Do you have any terminal areas built?

Yeah. One massive terminal. covering everything

This issue solved itself. I had removed all terminals. No terminals in the save, reloaded multiple times. Sold the cars in question and got new ones and it started working on its own


There might have been some small lingering terminal area somewhere, the vehicle display info states which terminal they are assigned to which could have caused them to be displaced.

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