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I have been playing AirportCEO for a few months now and love the game. I have tried various airports in different regions and the different difficulties. All my save files disappeared with the last MacOS update. I do not mind as I enjoy starting new builds.

I jut had a few general game mechanic questions that I cannot seem to figure out. I know the mystery is part of the game any ruin the fun. I don’t know if I should make separate posts or just one. Anyway, here are 22 of my various queries.

  1. Airline Lounges: What do they affect and what is their purpose?

  2. Staff tiring rate: Do workers get tired by the time of their shifts or the vigor of their work during the shift?

  3. Staff room zone: Besides seating and a nearby restroom, what is supposed to be in a staff room? I have heard about vending machines, but never noticed a difference.
    security to flight ratio

  4. Flow of passengers/needs: I notice that passengers shop at stores more past security but will buy food anywhere. Is this accurate?

  5. Terminal quality rating: This is consistently the lowest score I have in passenger satisfaction. How is this calculated: cleanliness or items in the terminal?

  6. Staff friendliness: Does this only apply to passenger service agents at the gates or desks?

  7. Airline star rating: What does this affect with flights or at the airport?

  8. Where do service techs need to be resting for most efficient movement?

  9. Taxiway width: I use single wides and don’t go for realism, but how wide are the taxiways intended to be?

  10. Shop/restaurant usage: Are these just dependent on how much traffic that flows through or near the store?

  11. What vehicles can be assigned to a what structure? I know for example that fuel baggage, tugs, buses, and stairs can be assigned to gates while other vehicles cannot.

  12. What can be built on what floors? I can build my fuel depots underground to avoid taking up valuable ground space, but catering and cabin cleaning depots cannot be.

  13. Subways only: To relieve traffic, I end up only having subways. How many people per subway can enter and exit because sometimes more subway entrances are required.

  14. Number of boarding desks per gate? Large planes seem to need 6 to be able to board on time. What is the expected number of desks per gate?

  15. Do information desks have use anywhere besides the entrance to a terminal?

  16. Automated vs Manned: Is there a benefit to keeping manned desks? I tend to wait until I unlock automation before setting up many gates or check in desks and I never have manned passport check stations because my security takes so much staff.

  17. Difference in baggage vehicles: Does the baggage truck choice matter? I tend to have the small trucks assigned to small stands and the bigger two to medium and large stands. Besides operating cost, is there a difference between the roofed and roofless trucks?

  18. Preferred seating: Do the different terminal seating choices affect anything? My staff seem to only rest if a couch is available in the staff room and will not relax on large seating.

  19. Table set ups: Are tables, coffee, laptop, restaurant, useful for anything besides aesthetics and contract requirements?

  20. Baggage bays/gate: How many gates are intended to run through one baggage bay? I tend to have 10 small stands or 8 medium stands to a baggage bay with 8 ramp agents on each side. The agents seem to tire, but can handle the volume.

  21. Ramp agents in vehicles: I know ramp agents drive all baggage vehicles, but I have no seen the agents physically walk to the vehicles. Do they drive other vehicles like fuel trucks and catering as well?

  22. Auto check: Can passengers check in to any flight at a functioning auto check in desk or just the flights connected to the nearby baggage Drop’s baggage bay?

Wow, that’s a lot to handle at once. I will answer 1-10 and when I feel like more later.

  1. Airline lounges will give your airport a better rating from the airlines, more likely to fly there, and have a higher happiness rating. Your pax who have first class with the airline will go there and they will also be very pleased as it is a VIP area.

  2. Staff morale will get lower the longer you make their shifts. I believe their efficacy will also decrease. they will not please pax as much as well.

  3. Staff zone means only staff can go there. I make staff rooms both a staff zone and a staff room. You can also make places like behind a check-in desk where I have seen some pax go and stay there. A staff room lets your staff rest! when their shift is over they will go and rotate with another set of employees. They can use computers there via the computer desk, sit around and talk, eat, and just relax.

  4. There has been talked about uneven pax shopping. I have not thoroughly tested this so hopefully, someone else can answer that.

  5. It is yes calculated by the security of the terminal, the staff who keep everyone happy, the number of bathrooms, commerce, amt of available seating, decor, airline lounges, and cleanliness. Anything in the game that you think would make your pax happy.

  6. I believe so. They interact with the pax the most so I would assume so although I do not confirm. Security members as well maybe.

  7. This affects how much the airline likes your airport and what kind of good contracts they will offer you (flights).

  8. you will want service techies spread out really. they are the ones who fix benches, toilets, and airside operations. just add them to all of your staff rooms. I would suggest near a large bathroom (and I mean large), easy airside ops, and where many pax would lounge and wait for a flight in a terminal.

  9. Taxiway widths I would suggest would be odd numbers. 1, 3, 5, or if you really want 7 or 9 although I don’t do 7 or 9. 5 is proficient for me. Unless I am dealing with lots of large aircraft traffic 5 is sufficient. you always want an odd number because you can put a taxiway node thru it evenly.

  10. Mostly. I see many people who are shopping and grabbing food who are near the path they are taking to their gate or to the exit. I have not seen someone go across the airport to get to a shop unless there was a task they are performing there.

I hope that was enough info. I have been absent for a few months so I have not been testing the game fully. This is all from recent or previous knowledge. If someone would like to clarify some things or if I said something inaccurate please correct me. I am sure I did something like that. Otherwise, that is all I got for ya in this one sitting. :slight_smile:


Answers to some of the stuff that I can answer

  1. No, it applies to other staff members. Definitely to security, not sure about other types (I remember having a pretty long debate/discussion about the way the staff friendliness rating worked with the devs).
  1. In my experience at most about 190 people per hour can use each subway
  1. I currently use 4 automated boarding gates for each large stand, 2 for a medium stand, 1 for a small stand. But it’ll depend in part on what your passenger ratio per flight is in the settings.
  1. Manned desks have lower costs than automated ones (but obviously you have to pay for staff)
  1. The larger baggage truck can pull more trailers (a medium or large flight can need more baggage trailers than a small truck could pull, so cause need a small truck to come more than once. Don’t think roof vs roofless makes a difference

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Here some more


from Airport CEO | Help

My save files are missing

It is possible that your save directory has been renamed as a result of a game update. Your save files should be located in the following folder:

Windows: C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTER USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves
macOS: /Users/YOUR COMPUTER USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Apoapsis Studios/Airport CEO/Saves/

If you cannot find your save files, they may have been moved to the following location where they should not be:

macOS: /Users/YOUR COMPUTER USER NAME/Library/Application Support/unity.Apoapsis Studios.Airport CEO/Saves

For your saves you might want to have a look at this thread…

Thanks for the tips on the save files. The folder where they should be is empty. What types of files are the saves and where would they be?

I found them. Thanks!

Thank you! I did not know where else to find more insight and let minds meld.

Just to add a note here about the missing game files - as a few have mentioned, the directory name has been changed on a recent update, so they are still there, just in another place.

I have some questions too:

  1. What is the difference when I assign the vehicles to a parking lot or direct to a aircraft stand? Are these vehicles only for their own stand?

  2. Can I set up an international zone for all stands, even if not only international flights are to be processed there or is there a clear separation between domestic and international flights then?

  3. What is the difference between elevators and escalators?

  4. The operating direction of a runway is always the same, right? There won’t be any game changes after the release?

Correct. Vehicles assigned to a stand will only be used for that stand.

It’s clearly separated. In the Default mode, Large stands require to be placed in International Zones. In the realistic International mode, you can decide. More infos about that here:

Escalators are moving stairs and elevetors (lifts) provide vertical transfer.

They don’t change direction. It was once possible in a older Alpha version but got dropped due to bigger problems.

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