Utilities and International Flights

Right now the game has no power or water to worry about and could be an interesting aspect of the game. Substations would be used to generate power connected to the main grid. This is just another aspect that would make the game more realistic as in my other post.

International flights in the game don’t have customs or ID checks. This is a missed feature as they just go through normal security. An option should be made to just do domestic flights or both allowing for seperate terminals. International flights would just change the security requirements on arrival and departure.

With this addition it could be made to have transfer desks where a passenger will arrive on an international flight and go to the transfer desk to go to the domestic terminal and catch their flight. This would add complexity like baggage transfer from international to domestic and if the to buildings are not connected a shuttle bus or train line to connect. This just adds another complexity but cool aspect and choice when trying to do international flights.


I agree, utilities would be really fun to implement! Although this idea would work better in a feature request format and maybe there already is one, but it’s quite interesting that there at least from what I know isn’t really an overwhelming demand for utility implementation… :stuck_out_tongue:


The US and UK don’t have formal exit customs and immigration, only on entry. Checks are done at the gate, and all security screening is done to international standards.

And as you can see in this Flyertalk thread, LHR is a mess with 3 different types of arrivals, all needing segregation. Imagine if you had to segregate departures as well…

(one thing the devs could do would be to segregate arrival secure zones and departure secure zones, and/or specify internationally-cleared areas as a separate overlay onto the current secure zone system…)

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@olof ADD IT!


I live in Australia and we have certain regulations on entry and exit of the country. Maybe it’s just Australia but I’ve done a lot of travel and I see a clear difference between flights in between ones country and a flight from country to another ones country.

I believe maybe not to have international and domestic seperate I think that may be a bit too much however I think transfers would be a good addition and challenge to allow passengers to commute from flight to flight and handle their baggage through special trays.

Just an opinion.

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