Using real world airline liveries for games question

Hello all, I live in the USA. I am developing an app simulating airport operations. I am deciding if to use real world airline liveries and names or not. Do you know if I can use airlines names and liveries freely? Or are there some additional steps?

You will probably run into issues regarding intellectual property laws.
The way to solve that is to create your own airlines and logos.

As @redstonedesigner said, airlines may sue you if you sell and get profit from your project. Yes there are some other games with real airlines in it but either they made a lisense agreement with airlines or they are swimming in a shark pool.

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We don’t want to take a risk on the legal here so the plan is to support the modding of realistic airline packs that can be used to replace all airlines. Also to be honest, even using aircraft manufacture name an models could be a potential problem, however it is frequently done elsewhere, so it is probably not an issue.

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