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I’ve been playing this game for months and love it. But there is little information available on limits. For example- how many baggage bays do you need, or worded better, how many aircraft stands (small, medium or large) per baggage bay?

How many check ins per stand/pax
How many baggage bays per stand/pax
How many transit stops per pax (more approximate than others)


Having this info allows for better planning. I have a rough idea after playing since about alpha 18… but am still not sure. It has been mentioned in forums here, but nothing for new players. Its important info that should be easily accessible whilst in game…


There is no rule for that. It depends on the schedule, the number of ramp agents and how full the plane is. When 4 planes arrive at the same time you get a traffic jam, if they arrive with a time difference, it goes well.

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I agree, whilst although during Beta stages the ratio/timing may be changed, these approximate requirements would be useful, particularly for newer players.

When planning a large airport with different stand types it would be helpful to know that say in 1 game hour how many passengers can a facility (a desk, a security checkpoint…) cope with processing.

Could apply then some estimates. If you have 3 medium stands and 2 small, for an example could say 150x3 and 30x2 maximum throughput if all stands in use and the flights aren’t staggered, then if we know a medium security checkpoint can cope with 100 passengers an hour (entirely fictional number for this example). The logic would say 510 customers in the same 1 hour, so you’d need approximately 5 medium security checkpoints to keep queue to a minimum :slight_smile: though could cope with less, that would be a helpful way to plan.

It would indeed be helpful to know the “average” performance of each desk/facility for that reason :wink:

These numbers, just like at transfer objects, should be color coded; blue/green/orange/red, so you know how much usage is at such an object and if that is normal or not.

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