Upper floor terminal?!

Hey devs, what about upper floor terminal? so i can extend the terminal over the taxi way, or over the service road, its such a pain to do the terminal over the service road and i have to add crosswalks and all the cars have to wait untill all the passangers are on the other side… have you think about this?

Multi-floor terminals are almost certainly going to be added in the future, but don’t expect them any time soon, as it’s a big feature.
Maybe several months, or a year from now? (Just guessing)

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Multiple floors is something the devs will add someday. It’s just not a high priority right now.

well i guess you’re right guys, thats no point having multiple floors until you have “big stands” or “large airplanes”

Multiple floors are planned as it’s been a part of the new road map since that was revived: https://www.airportceo.com/roadmap/

However, it depends on a better performing path finding algorithm which is what we’re currently working on. As you’ve correctly identified, it’s difficult to give any time estimates however I would definitely not see it taking a year until deploying multi level to the default branch.


Excuse me, but terminals OVER the taxiway? You know how big planes are, right?!

Gatwick managed :wink::joy:


Nevermind then! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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