Upgradeable Conveyor Belts

Feature request title:

Upgradeable Conveyor Belts


Allow for upgrading from normal speed conveyor belts to high speed

Why it should be implemented:

This will allow for easily changing your conveyor belt mains without having to demolish them first and slowing down your baggage loading/unloading. Similar to how you can change taxi foundation from grass to asphalt or concrete without demolishing the previous foundation.

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Great idea!

this would be cool, however in the meantime‚Ķ I do turn off ‚Äúsimulate construction‚ÄĚ option with F10 when I want to change my conveyor belts and pause the game so that I can change minor things with my belts. However large changes I just turn off baggage in operations and wait for people to stop checking in bags then I can edit to my hears desire‚Ķ Just a couple help alternatives for ya!

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