Upgrade Systems and flights

  1. How many flights in a day(If it’s day-by-day simulation) can an airport have? Will it be based off of runway allotments or gate allotments or another kind of allotment? Also, will we be restricted to how many runways we have? A suggestion: Perhaps the more complicated the airport is, the more pilot complaints. A clunky-planned airport is never good for traffic.

  2. What is the difficulty like for upgrading buildings? Will we get to unlock buildings quickly or will it take like years to get my airport to international-level? Will there be goals we have to reach in order to upgrade or something else? If you want a suggestion perhaps when we get our airport started out as a small strip we can apply to the government to become a certain style of airport, for instance, if we satisfy customers and have good relationships/safety records, we can apply to the government to become a small airport, then if we continue to succeed, we can apply to be a regional airport, and so on until we reach international level, each type of airport has it’s own upgradables unlocked.

  3. Also, Any update to modding support features? Non-gameplay stuff like sprite textures, etc? I would like to mod gameplay stuff, like fuel prices, construction prices, etc. Perhaps you could implement a GTA V scripthook-like API for a scripting language or something, to enable us to get creative with the game.

The 1st and the 3rd question has taken up earlier…Just search the forum.

For 1st question refer this thread… Time in the game

I updated my post just now to remove unneeded clutter. I knew about the earlier threads, but I decided to include them in my own thread but perhaps I could’ve read a little bit more in there. Perhaps the devs should have a Q/A thread? Probably easier than having several threads asking questions.

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