Updating the Schengen Country List

Hi, I was wondering if there is, by any means, a way to manually update the list of countries in the Schengen Area that the games uses. I really wanted to include Romania and Bulgaria in this database, so that the game generates Schengen flights to destinations from those two countries. Thanks!

This is currently hardcoded and needs an update by the devs.
I’ve asked for the same a while ago. So far no feedback.

Croatia is also missing.

It’s currently slated for the next release but when that is we cannot say at this moment as we preferably would like it to include at least a few different features! :slight_smile:


Still adding features?

Hmmm, let me think of some ideas for you all… :thinking:
What about that extra support for the mod loader? Or implementing 4 performance improvements/bug fixes I found (Fredrick has the info, I can send to any of you btw. Technical details included!). Just some ideas :wink:

Probably small QOL features or similar smaller stuff @brucesim2003. But you never know


and the missing back in years announced planes like SAAB2000, CESSNA 205/206/207 :heart_eyes:
(or i may bring them to the tweaks aircraft pack :stuck_out_tongue: )


Adding those planes through official means would be better.

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