Updated Forum Rules on Self Promotion

Hey everyone!

With an imminent Airport CEO release we expect to see a few new threads in relation to content creation. To mitigate issues with a cluttered forum we have imposed a few new rules which we’d like everyone to follow, these can be seen here:


The newly added rules concern Self Promotion and are as follows:

Self Promotion

We love content creators and Airport CEO will always be available to anyone to use freely in association with media production, i.e. taking screen shots for an article or recording gameplay for video creation.

However, at this forum members are restricted to certain rules in regard to promoting their Airport CEO related content. The following rules apply:

  • You may only post one topic per Let’s Play series
  • You may only post one video per day (you are allowed to edit that post as many times as you wish)
  • As stated in the “Post Only Your Own Stuff” section, you may only post you own stuff
  • If you plan to announce a streaming session, you may only post one announcement per day in the official stream announcement thread

These rules are put in place to avoid cluttering the forum.

What do you think about this? Is there anything else we need to consider moving ahead?


thanks, hal9000! (i feel slightly terrified with that red glowing eye staring at me)


also, is hal9000 the replacement for Skynet? @Olof

I’m more concerned with how this post is made by Hal.

On the subject of per day series, if every day we have promotion from, let’s say, 8 streamer/YT creating new topics and updating daily, won’t this clutter the forums? Especially if we use the “Latest” filter?

Yeah, maybe remove all post in the content categori from latest?

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I will check for abilities to do this.

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Thanks Hal! I swear, I don’t know where Dave went… don’t hurt me.


I was thinking the same exact thing, that would work so much easier and better, if they are even able to.