Unreasonable/Unexplained Lag

So, I’ve run into an issue. I run Airport CEO on a Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Series, so I get some pretty decent FPS. However, every time I open up Airport CEO and open up my airport, something odd happens.

As you know, most airports are pretty big. Therefore, I make my airports pretty big as well. However, for some reason, whenever I copy and paste anything bigger than a small bathroom, it starts to either lag, freeze, or recently, crash.

At first, I thought it was the airport size, but that wasn’t it. Although I get lower FPS with a bigger airport, I still get some stable FPS. That took out the possibility of it being an airport-size related issue. I checked a similar post by someone else, but I didn’t have too many pathfinding issues. Then I thought maybe I forgot to disable something in the debug menu. I fixed everything there, but it still lagged every time I placed small objects.

What I’ve understood is that it happens a lot whenever I place down objects that you can drag (E.G. walls, zones, etc), but that has to be caused by something, right?

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