Unlimited Money Mode

We know a normal mode and a sandbox mode. Especcially afterthe implementation of the R&D update in the experimental branch I think another mode would be great.

The unlimited money mode
This mode works like the regular game; you unlock features with the progression tree and need to take all the steps instead of building one big international airport from the start. The only difference with the normal game mode is that you have unlimited money.

The pros:

  • You still get the game aspect of progression
  • Within each step you can build the buildings and (run)ways to your own liking, without having to worry about the money

So then we would have three game modes:

  1. Main normal game mode
  2. Unlimited money mode (normal game + unlimited money)
  3. Sandbox mode (normal game with all progression unlocked and unlimited money)

I don’t see need for this because if you don’t want something that you can unlock, then just don’t use it.

we do have sandbox mode - that one is what you was requesting feature

no, he wants sandbox, but with nothing unlocked beforehand

i would vote, but i’m maxed out so :+1:

Just do motherlode cheat


I agree

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