Unique Currencies


Everywhere you go in the world there is always a different currency. The game is mainly run in USD ($) as it’s main currency although across the world such as the United Kingdom having GBP (£) and other places having other different currencies native to their country / region.

I live in the UK which usus GBP (£) as their main currency but when i start up an Airport in the UK you always start with the same amount on $2,000,000 which would be £1,427,790 in the currency for the UK. A way that this could be implemented is that if the user selects a specific area on the map such as UK, US, Africa, Australia etc it would always change into that native currency.

There would be an option in the Settings menu which would list all the currencies available and if you would like to change the default one. for example being able to change the currency used in default which is USD to your native currency and it would have no effect on where you choose in the world.

I feel this would bring a sense of realism into the game with players able to play the game in their countries currency or the country they choose on the map.

Another feature that can be added to this is currency exchange areas / booths for passengers.

planelover67 said:
“If we did that would should have currency exchange areas. That’s a great idea!”


If we did that would should have currency exchange areas. That’s a great idea!


That would be a pretty awesome feature to add along with it!

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I was reading about currency exchange idea, but this is a very good idea.

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