Underground Tilt Tray

The game currently has a Tilt Tray, that when used on underground conveyors, is displayed above ground. The game needs an underground Tilt Tray that does not display, unless the Toggle Conveyor Belt button is pushed.


Agree with that. I found it a real pain having to resurface my underground conveyor belt so that I could divert baggage.

On the contrary, I actually like that you can’t just hide everything underground, and that you have to resurface occasionally. That way, you’re required to make little maintenance rooms/closets for the tilt trays, which is somewhat realistic.

Well, until multiple floors users can use a room on ground level and put tilt trays in it. All incoming and outgoing belts can be still underground.

You don’t have to resurface you conveyor belt to use Tilt Tray. They work very well on underground conveyors. For instance, I have Tilt Trays on my underground conveyors when entering the baggage claim areas. Baggage doesn’t actually surface until being dumped on the the carousel.

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