Underground Baggage bay

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I have moved my baggage bay to underground.
I have a lift so that the workers can get there and the facility is connected to the check-in, the aircraft waiting area and baggage claim.
Unfortunately, I get an error that the service vehicle can’t reach the area.
However, a police vehicle was able to drive the route created underground.
Can anyone help me here?

The error of path analysis is strange(cant upload 2 pics):
Target and destination are the same to the very last character, and A) it says Zone: Secur(international) → I dont have any international zoning yet. B) ID-Number for Securityzone, internationalzone and terminal are set to ‘123’

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Does the underground level has the same secure zone number as the ground level above? Lifts somehow do not connect zones correct, so may you need stairs to get the same secure zone.

But as the error message refers to baggage cars and not staff, can you also show us the upper floor and the path between the baggage truck parking and the tunnel entrance?

Hi Andyc

Thank you for your replay.
Both has same security and terminal level.
After klicking every Icon i finaly found the helping-tool. And could locate the ‘error’, but I dont see the problem

I also tested a route from the parking down to the baggage bay → marked green.
I tested a rout from underground to the first possible tile of the tunnel at ground level → marked green.
I looks like the connection between this two tiles is broken…gonne rebuild and let you know :slight_smile:

Best regards / Grüsse

Ok, its working now

But I’d love to know, why the first set up didnt. Was it the missing space between tunnel and street?
Did the police car pass this section as I sent it only down to the lower level and not up again?

Best geards

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I think it’s kind of a bug. I remember other players having the same issue.
Do you have the old savegame? May you can open it and send in a bug report by the ingame bug report button.

Have done that :slight_smile:
Best regards

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It may be the same issue I ran into once. Try building another square of service road to join the two sides as close as possible to the bay itself. That is, draw the road as a tight U shape around the belts etc.

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Were you able to fix this issue? Do you remember the bug number?

I had a similar issue with one of m underground baggage bays, turns out one section of my high speed conveyor system was facing the wrong direction. It drove me nuts until I walked back the entire conveyor belt and found the issue. Not sure if this helps, but this is how I got rid of that error message.

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Yeah that’s a tricky one… I always make a validation check zooming along all baggage paths with the arrows enabled to ensure that there are no minor mistakes like that. One can also use the baggage path finding tool to detect such issues.

Thanks, I never thought of the baggage path finding tool for that issue.

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