Unable to zone 3rd floor if there is no 2nd floor under it

Hello!! I am new here so if my style is a bit off then sorry. I was just playing a on a small airport and I was building a staff area on the second floor. I noticed that a little while back you don’t have to build terminal under all second floor; you can just use some 1 by 1 terminal blocks under the cornors of the 2nd floor terminal. I tried that again today (using 1 by 1 blocks on top of the 1st floor and large terminal on the 3rd floor) and I noticed that I can not place any objects or zone the area where there is no terminal underneath third floor. I have not filed a bug report because I do not know if this is intentional. :thinking:

Screenshot of the third floor:

The second floor:

definitely a bug - send it in. It’s the 2nd floor right - ground, first and second?

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I say 1st floor as in ground floor.

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Anyone? […dev…tags]
I need a bit of help

Just had a play around and your problem is definitely replicable. Strangely enough, the problem doesn’t seem to exist for zoning the second floor with a missing first floor. So I’d assume it’s a bug?

So basically, I’ve tried (using the 1st/2nd/3rd floor naming system):
3rd floor, without 2nd floor, but with 1st floor → zoning problem exists
3rd floor, with 2nd floor, without 1st floor → no zoning problem on either 2nd or 3rd
3rd floor, without 2nd floor, without 1st floor → zoning problem exists
2nd floor, without 1st floor → no zoning problem

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Yep, this matches what I have! I will file a bug report. Sorry about the naming of floors, I will try to use the correct naming! Thanks!

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