Unable To Upload Images On Steam [solved]

Hello friends. This is my first post in this forum. And I don’t know this is the right place or not to post this. But I hope I will get a better suggestion from you. I am a big fan of Steam games. After several attempts, I am unable to upload images on my Steam. Although, I am not an expert on this matter. Can anyone provide any suggestions? Any help will be appreciated.


I guess this affects all kind of games on Steam and not only Airport CEO as this function is part of the Steam client.

It might be better to place this on the official Steam discussion forums than here, but may) than here, but may we can help a little bit.

About what type of images do you talk? Screenshots from games, images to the Steam forums or images to uploaded Workshop items?

Do you get any error messages?
Have you tried a reinstall of the Steam client?

Thanks for replying and sorry for posting this. whenever, I am trying to upload images on chat or profile picture then just showing “Failed to upload: A server error issue”. I already tried to re-install the steam, but issue is unchanged.

So, after a long searching on Google I found some solutions (Like here). Now I figure out the issue after finding that.

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