Unable to Hire Ramp Agents


I found a weired behaviour: Im unable to recruit more Ramp agents than the current 143. Accepting new Offers from motivated applicants temporary increases the number of Ramp Agents (148… 151…), but after a few seconds, The Number of employed RA falls back to 143… Not happening with other Staff, there’s all working properly. Only RA affected…

Any suggestions?

Best regards!

It’s a bug. If it’s in your current save, please send a bug report and drop the number here.

I have this too sometimes and after a while it works correct.

I have also sometimes this problem when hirering Ramp Agents. I’m first thinking my problem was the high number of RA, i’ve got 600.
Now i know it’s not only mine.

Hello DomiWi and welcome to the ACEO community!

Building these really big airports is probably a passion …: laughing: How do you manage to employ 600 ramp agents? That corresponds to around 50,000 passengers per day? Here is a big wall of hardware at ~ 25k PAX … what kind of CPU do you have, now I’m very jealous!

I’ll deliver the bug report later, sorry for the delay!

Old Homework: Bug reported now as ACEO-40851. Also happens on 7.0.0.

Best Regards to all!

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I know this is not normal, i just want to know how big can be an airport on the large world map.
I’ve got 45k to 55k PAX per day with around 350 flights. But i have to say the airport has 16 big stands, 24 medium stands and 36 small stands.

My Laptop has a i7-10750H with 32GB RAM and a RTX 2070 SUPER.
When i play the game the CPU usage is most of the time over 90%.

We’re investigating this issue!


Issue found and fixed. Was a nasty one.


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