Unable to find default.txt file on ACEOMM start-up?

Sorry to be a total newbie with all this guys, first time using the ACEOMM or any modding software before.
Followed the tutorial, extracted with winrar, but when it comes to opening the ACEOMM file itself its telling me it cannot find a default.txt document. Has anyone had this before and if so, how do you overcome it please?

You might be on the wrong version. Have a look at this thread and link here.

Yeah I downloaded from there and followed EGs tutorial on YouTube. But when it comes to opening the manager itself, it flags up saying I’m missing a default text document from the game itself. I’ve searched all over the forum but can’t see any mention of it before

If you get that message, then you have an old version of ACEOMM :slight_smile:

Is it the native version I need to download from?

There you go :slight_smile:

it also has setup tutorial :wink:

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Awesome stuff thank you guys! Now time to get the grasp of using the program lol
Thanks again!

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Am I also right in thinking I’ll need to start a new map for the mod to take affect?

If it’s an existing game you can press ƒ10 and then do a regenerate contracts.

Hmmm only gives me the games default airlines when I do that

Have you clicked the install button in MM?

Yeah i ticked that, but still not giving me anything in offered contracts. Only did a small mod of 5 airlines to test before adding loads but still no sign of them anywhere. Can’t think or see anything else I haven’t done :confused:

Outside of my territory now it is not something I’ve used. Have you looked in the folders to see if they have been installed there?

They’ve definitely been added to the game, under modding on the game screen it’s got a green tick next to it but doesn’t seem to be implementing in game

hmmm, try the regen again. They can take some actual time to show up.

Make sure the airlines have a livery or the game wont show them

I’ve done all that, even waiting for them to show up but nothing has, only things that have shown up that are new at the construction and fuel companies but no airlines. Is it literally just a waiting game for them to show up?