Unable to Dismiss all contractors


I have found myself in a position of having 20 contractors onsite who I am unable to dismiss.

When starting on a new terminal building I added new zones for contractor & building materials deliveries and deleted the old ones. Could this have created an issue where some contractors are still bound to a no longer existing zone (Although I can see them standing around on the new contractor transfer zone)

Tried to reset by cancelling the construction contract however this does not work as there are contractors still onsite.

Can the contractor bus reach the site? Seems they have been dismissed but cannot leave for some reason…

I believe so, it’s situated on the public road and other contractors arrive and depart on demand. Just to be sure I’ve built another bus site and connected this with the public road again however they still seem to be waiting around.

This bug used to happen to me as well. I don’t remember a way to fix it except starting a new save.

If the bus was ordered already, you would need a S/R for the new bus-site to be assigned to the busses, I would think.

Which game version is this happening on (i.e. are you on the default or the experimental branch)? Can the shuttles reach that transfer site via road?

Hi Olof,

Should be the default version from steam with no mods. The shuttles can reach the site ok, if I order more contractors they arrive and complete the work alongside the 20 existing. If I dismiss ‘all’ the max value is always 20 less than the number of deployed contractors.
I do recall early on in my airport ordering 10 or so contractors and the phone kept ringing and when I checked the deployed contractors number was over 100 (could have been maxed) Not sure if this is somehow related as some of these contractors have been with me from Day 1 Year 1 as per the screenshot.


If you can drop us a bug report and let us know the number here that’d be of great help! :slight_smile:

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Bug Report ACEO-44048 submitted via the game interface.



Thanks, we’ll check it out!

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I can see it’s a fairly new save, but I have to ask if it this save originally comes from an older version of the game? I’ve been looking at this issue, but can’t get these circumstances to occur. I think the issue lies in save/load during deployment or dismissal and contractors are still working, but I’m hesitant to do any bigger changes to the code before fully understanding the issue since it might drastically change working saves.

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Hi Alexander,

I don’t believe so, I only recently purchased the game and according to Steam the last installed content was on the day of purchase (June 12). Current Build ID: 6598439 if that helps.

I’ve recently started a new airport as I wanted a challenge with de-icing being required. I’ve not seen this same issue on the second build, currently on day 6 year 2.


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Thanks for the info! I guess it’s under very rare circumstances this occurs. Do you remember if on your first build, you changed contractor supplier at any point?

I did not change this, I did try to cancel the contract to dismiss them however you’re not able to do this while there are still contractors onsite. Thanks

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