Two small quality-of-life improvements

I would like to suggest two small quality-of-life improvements:

  1. When placing objects with the grid visible, I often will switch to the bulldoze tool using the “n” shortcut key. Oddly, this causes the grid to disappear while switching tools. If I hit “n” again, the tool turns off (as expected). If I hit “n” a third time, then I get the bulldoze tool with the grid. Can you please fix this so that the grid stays visible when switching using the “n” shortcut key?

  2. The object price overlay often covers up the connection point with objects below it. See picture:


Is there any way this can be avoided?

  • Can it be made smaller?
  • Can it be made more transparent?
  • Can it be moved to one side?
  • Is it really even necessary to have the cost visible here?

I realize you can reveal the connection points by zooming in, but this really shouldn’t be something that needs fidgeting with.

Please consider these issues! They have bugged me for months! :innocent:

Hello :slight_smile:

I suggest you to report these improvements to developers via in game bug report system as well. Maybe on Alpha to Beta change phase, developers can check these minor issues out.

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Ad 1: What @EG0611 said.
Ad 2: This is a sickness in the whole game: windows and popups hide what you want to see. There were already some proposals to improve it: make them

  • transparent,
  • only as big as necessary, and
  • the larger windows moveable.
  • Also, make them all closable in the same ways (X-button, esc, close-button) and not in many different ways for different kind of windows as it is now.

There has always been such bugs in game but please also consider this;

  • Game has been upgrading and new things have been adding. If developers fix UI issues right now, they have to redo it for further improvements as well
  • Translation. There are still some issues with translated texts and their shown up on UI. Again if these are fixed right now, new features or even nre langauges will have to be fixed in future as well.

So I think alpha to beta stage phase would be the best opportunity to fix them.

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I was thinking about that too. But then, why did they invented so many different ways to close a window in the first place? I’d though it would be a library functionality…
Anyway, I can wait for most of them to be fixed (I did not say when), but I remember one window won’t close at all: this stupid vehicle repaint thing that never worked and breaks the colors as soon as you just look at them. Maybe fix that (it has now a popup warning) first.

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