Two Separate Terminals

Hey guys, check out my large airport, I’ve now come to the end of this, may revisit once large stands are available. two different terminals.

You can also check my series out for this airport at

Thanks guys


Nice! You don’t have any issues with planes landing on one half’s runways, but wanting to park on the other side of the airfield? I don’t see that they are connected; so I am curious to see how it works. Looks beautiful!

Hey, no issues that I’ve seen so far :slight_smile:

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Oh the runway side of things there should be no issues as stands now recognise runways and how they are connected. The main issues is PAX and their behaviour with PG has expertly sorted with the splitting of the PAX in a single location. I’ve seen a few others do this type too and it has worked for them as well. They way I tried and others than had not had much success was where the PAX were divided along a long way split (I’m going to say horizontal distribution as that’s how I’ve done and seen others too) but I know a resolution for that is in the works :slight_smile:


Very nice setup! :smiley:

Here is how I set up my satellite terminals. Clearly, the most dangerous way possible.


I promise that you will be able to make this walkway safer soon! :slight_smile:


@Fredrik You’re back to development? :thinking::grinning:

Oh yes, very much :slight_smile:


Hope you enjoyed time with your new family! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to ask A321 mod kit coming soon ?

Well hopefully with the multi floors rolling out it’ll give the option to create below ground walkways between terminals @Fredrik? :grin:
Or just add a Monorail feature

I promise that you will be able to make this walkway safer soon!


Now the million $$$ question is: HOW soon? :wink:


Monday ™

exciting time :slight_smile: