Two Check-in Counters Per Medium Stand?

Prior to the latest contracts update, contracts required two Check-in Desks for each Medium Stand. That requirement no longer exists. It has been suggested, however, that two Check-ins are still advised. Why?

I have eight Check-ins. Even during peak periods, I might have three busy. The rest are vacant of personnel or passengers. In this image, all passengers for a specific flight are queueing at a single Check-in. In this image, the four left Check-ins are assigned to one Cargo Bay; the four on the right, to another. As you can see, there are three empty Check-ins on the left.

The game should recognize there are vacant Check-ins and disperse the passengers who are queueing accordingly.

More check in desk should be used. So true!

How does it allocate them though? If it looks at check in desks into stands and allocates only whole numbers then having say 8 desks across 5 stands would result in only 1 per stand. I always build 2 per medium stand and often get two being used per flight.

At a certain moment your airport gets so big, you loose track ;).

I think it would be nice if check-in desks can be assigned to flights.

i have the same check in problem. It seems that everyone is using just one instead of 2 that are available.

I gave in. I have 22 Check-in Desks for 10 Medium Stands. I’ll add more Meidum Stands when/if I get more flights. Will I add more Check-ins? I doubt it. I constantly have 18 of my 22 Check-ins unused, even during peak periods.

Even if a bug report hasn’t been filed, I’m going to tag @Olof and @Fredrik so that this issue can be flagged ASAP.

Why? File a bug report. Tagging the developers does nothing. Perhaps they will look at your bug sooner, but that means another bug fix gets delayed.

And don’t worry, even if they don’t chime in, they keep a handle on what’s going on here.

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Thank you.
I will have to "investigate " how to file a bug report. I played the game from the beginning ( first day it was put ) and always reading here, but never wrote or did a bug report.
I am sure this will be fixed anyway

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Most real airports have many unused check-ins aswell, Nothing too strange here. We should however be able to toggle an option to assign 2 desks per flight, rather than one. Just as an procurement option players can enable when they unlock a certain board member.

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