Two cargo bay on one baggage claim?

Hello everyone

Can I connect two cargo bay in a single baggage claim?

No I don’t think that works I’m afraid.

It don’t see why that shouldn’t work, if you make sure that both outputs from the cargo bay can reach the claim area there shouldn’t be an issue.

If it doesn’t work it’s a bug… :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, I had only one or the other work. It’s been a while though since I built a system like this, so in that case @Andrex I’d love to see you update this when you’ve had some time with it.

Then it is a bug, this never worked :stuck_out_tongue:

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But I can only connect a single cargo bay to a baggage claim. It does not allow me to make two connections.

Yeah, it’s a bug then according to Olof.

lol Looks like @Olof has made more work for himself lol

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Olof misunderstood your question. Secondly, Olof is incorrect: there is only ONE output from the Cargo Bay, not multiple.

You can send output from a single Cargo Bay to multiple Baggage Claims. You cannot connect a single Baggage Claim to multiple Cargo Bays (as you’ve demonstrated in your image).