Two bays baggage system without tilt trays demo

Hi guys. I see a lot of problems with baggage systems, and by the way I faced some of them too on design and test phase.
So I decided to share my save and some explanation of tweaks and history.

Let’s begging.


First - why no tilt trays used?

On first design in same airport I used some tilt trays. But every time bag going to tilt tray some micro delay exist. I do not think that micro delays exist in real airports, but anyway - I lost a lot of time on this delays. Just imagine 100 persons with 1-3 bags each. (Yes, if you look to you passengers on baggage claim you will find that some of them has several bags). And at the end of all this math baggage uploading to planes was last action on stand. This is not acceptable if you want to make flights with 5-10 minutes between them. So no tilt trays!

System overview:

Look for two streams of bags. From each bay to check-in and baggage claim area.
Other things in arrows description.

Check-in detailed

  • At first stage of terminal building there was 10 small stands.
  • Then 2 medium stands was added, but without any new check-in desks (I forget to do it :slight_smile:)
  • At this point first version of baggage system was added and I do not want to reconnect medium stands to second bay as have no issues with it.
  • At the end of stands design 7 medium stands with 14 check-in desks and second baggage bay was added. But it used same underground ways as first bay, just two tilt trays was added before tilt trays (after checks) and before baggage claim zone.
  • At the end of baggage system design second baggage way was added, to exclude tilt trays. Look at underground baggage way. It goes around desks to exclude crossing existing one.

Overview of security zone

  • Do not forget to make relax zone in, or you staff will lost a lot of time on airport traveling.

Security zone zoomed

  • Each flow has own checks. This speed up all a lot.

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Baggage claim area

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Terminal connection

My biggest problem was to find a good way to connect existing passangers terminal with baggage terminal.

If you check save file, you will find that there is no place for door and everything surrounded by stands, service roads and taxiways.
The problem is that employers does not use taxiway to walk.
At the begging there was separate security enter and exit to this building, with own sidewalk and crosswalk. But the problem was in lagged passangers, comming here to fly. The second problem was a time of walk of emplyers. Everything goes to delayed state with such long walks.

Solution: I made one service road secured zone and make all road as crosswalk. this helps a lot, but I think that employers should use taxiways to walk. They use stands by the way!

Save file


My schedule in current save


Wow, so full, dont you have delays all the time?

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My current bagege system, pickup on the 2 sides, extending atm but was looking at your examples first. my pickup area is just in the middle, so, I now will build a personal room near the baggage area.

Oh, we really need a “connected number of check in desks” on each conveyor end point :(. I have 4 medium stands and the left one now services those 4, so I need 8 check in desks, but I have to count manually, the baggage outgoing belt should tell in game.

Oh, each baggage end point needs it’s own baggage pickup? I did not count on that.

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The new layout :smiley:

Hi @jasperwillem
I was limited in answers as new forum user and cannot answer yesterday.
In 0.21.10 it was possible to keep schedule with 15 minutes between flights almost without problems. Even without any time between flights things can work fine. But on each delay I am going to look what happen, and if it is 1-10 persons missing (like walking in terminal) I always send flight away from airport.

Basically you can use 2+2 scheme for medium or 3+2 scheme for small stands. Where first 2(3) flights going without timeout between, then timeout, then other too. In this case you will successfully send all aircrafts during work windows with 95%


Does that double taxiway work? It looks like it can speed up the taxi process when multiple planes need to use the same path.

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It partly work on right side of my save (near small stands). And much more effective near runway near medium stands.
Unfortunately it can cause deadlocks on 3x speed during morning, when all planes landing in same time. But on 1x there almost no deadlocks.

I hope we will have much more taxiway management options in future. Like taxiway zones, one way taxyways, wait points etc.

I’m confused with the Security Zone screenshot you have there - it looks beautiful though.
If bag scanner 1 doesn’t pick up contraband, then it just goes through and doesn’t appear to be re-scanned? I thought the point of the scanners is that bags have to go through each scanner, and if something is found it goes straight to the destroyer.

In my scenario.

If something strange to system happens it will trigger baggage from scanner 1 to specific scanners (drugs/money/etc).
If specific scanner confirms drugs/money/weapon etc it goes to scanner 3, where security guy decides legal or not. Because normally you can bring weapons/drugs/money etc on plane, just need documents for it.

But maybe you rights, and scanner 3 should be after greenline of specific scanners.

By the way, sometimes I see how security guy pass weapons etc.