Twitter suspense… New aircraft

It an Airbus, what model. At a guess an A320/A330?

I don’t know but do know it’s an Airbus.

I need to have 100 chars apparently so this is just filler.

Looks like the A320. Nice

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I know its probably a long way off but i cant wait for a380’s!:joy:

Quite nice to fly on, but boy, only a plane its mother could love…


:joy: cant wait to go on one! hopefully one day!

Still prefer the 747’s though. Shame they are getting less and less. :frowning:


Where are the 747’s going? i seem to be on 737’s whenever i fly?

A lot are being replace by the 787 and the ugly 380’s. Though sales of that has slowed somewhat as of late.

The 747-800 sales have not been well at all.

I think there’s a new variant of 737’s as well that are doing very well.

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i do like the 787’s they are some sexy planes! (dreamliners for a reason! :smile: ). The new 737’s are ok but they’re just really cramped

whats your opinion of Concorde on ACEO? i would love to see it!!!

That was always one of my dreams to fly Concorde. I saw it land and take off at an airshow years gone by. What a beautiful aircraft. Broke my heart when it was culled.

Yeah, I’d love to see it fly here…

I doubt I’d get it on my airport though given it never really fly this area.

Speedbird is go…

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Have you heard about the ‘new’ Concorde that is being developed called ‘Boom’ in California? Richard Branson is partly funding it - London to new york in 3hrs and 15mins - at 1450mph - finally planes are developing again!!! my grandad was obsessed with Concorde and i think iv’e caught the ‘bug’ :smile:

Yeah I seen that. Looks very cool.

Elon M has plans for most places in the world in 30 mins…

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Elon and Branson are the type of people that are keeping air travel developing. Its been stagnant for so many years now, they’re the kick its needed!

Branson hopes to be in space within six months he mentioned the other week…

I follow space developments and the set backs they had. Fingers crossed for both of them.

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Looks cool, but it seems like they could have come up with a better name for it. After all, BOOM is not exactly a sound that one is happy to hear when on board an aircraft. Moreover, the problem of sonic booms heard by people on the ground were also an issue that generated a great deal of controversy with the original Concorde.

When you are aboard the aircraft you dont hear the boom :slight_smile: and at the heights where it needs to fly to have at least a bit of fuel efficiency, no one will notice the boom

Ahh, but I was there are other types of booms one might hear when inside the aircraft, and none of them are good :wink:

hahaha, very true

Not to mention that the Concorde wasn’t the most economically viable aircraft for an airline to run. Following it’s safety issues and that crash, airlines just stopped wanting to fly them in the end.

And lol @Rubble I get why people think the A380 is ugly but it is still the quietest commercial jetliner I’ve ever flown on. (and I fly a reasonable amount)