Tweaks og custon build tools

have done everything requested… I have downloaded the floors which are the steam workshop, and there is more than you write…
but can NOT choose these as well as wooden sign etc
IN THE GAME. there isn’t…
ku You just make something that works so that it works
note the floors they are there
that which is and must be installed

it works… not

I think this is about the custom floors, so I move it to modding.

Can you please explain your problem in English, then @humoresque as creator can support.

You should have a second Airport CEO folder like
Windows: C:\Users-YOUR USER-\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO
So after you installed ACEO Custom Buildables, there will be a new folder there called Buildables with 3 subfolders called Floors, Items and Tileables. There you can put the mods.

efter du installerede ACEO Custom Buildables, der er en ny folder Buildables i
Windows: C:\Users-YOUR USER-\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO

indefor dette folder er tre andere det blive kaldt Floors, Items og Tileables, så putter alle gulverne i Floors, og de andere to Mods i Items og starter spillet, men de nye gulver er ikke hvor de andere er, de er i det værelser eller zoner Tab.


have moved them over…
but what is written in their information… unbelievable what you give…
what do you mean by room or zones… so I get to enjoy new floors?

I thought it was there once a description how to install them but I can’t find it at the moment.
I tried to say the floors will show up here
Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-01 um 18.52.19

sadly I’m not able to show you them in game because I have the 2024 issue with UMF.

Please only write in English on this forum, I have cleaned up previous non-English posts with translations. Please also remember to keep a friendly tone when posting.


Now with translation, i as modder is asking myself why we should answer questions in this tone :man_shrugging:t3:

Easy solution by the way: go to steam workshop and subscribe it and thats it…

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wonder if I tweak etc., the files are suddenly gone in the game… after a few games where I have saved the game, the start screen is completely normal… I don’t get the option to choose, ufm console etc. it fits every time, I think! after I validated the files in the game to make sure the files are in the game. eg. selected a mod for the game, which is added to the folder, user etc, for example, parking machine Mod… then does not use the files from UFM! then it loads the game as normal as before! i used ufm mod! what exactly makes it go away and have to be installed again!

Tweaks also have or had issues when you do an ingame reload. So I recommend always to load games only from the main menu.

Also there were several reports from the last weeks of players missing all Workshop mods. The issue seems to be because Steam looses the online connection and the game starts in offline mode.
You see that easy in the main modding menu when there are only native mods and no Workshop is shown. In that case the Steam client or your entire computer needs a full restart.

My suggestion is always to have a short look into the modding menu after the game start to see if everything appears.

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I reopdate in the modding menu and its all mods there but ?

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