Tutorial on Gimp

Has anyone made a tutorial in how to design the liveries using Gimp? It would be helpful for newbies to get a quick tutorial if possible:)



Check this out :wink: A crazy insight into the depths I go to make a custom livery

GIMP is very similar to photoshop in many respects and in fact, Adobe have even used code from GIMP in photoshop, with permission of course.

Everyone will have their own way of doing things. I just like choosing awkward liveries it seems. :sweat_smile:

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I suppose custom livery’s could be made with GIMP. But you’ll find the best results with software like Adobe illustrator. Sadly, illustrator is not free.

It’s not what software, but knowing how to use the tools that get the best results from them at the end of the day. GIMP is more than capable.

I agree with Rubble. Although I use the PSP product line, GIMP is an excellent choice and very capable. If I didn’t have PSP, I’d be a GIMPer.

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