Tutorial is stuck at "Activate the baggage bay" step

I’ve been following the tutorial in the game, and it looks like it’s stuck at the “Activate the baggage bay” step of the Baggage handling tutorial. I can plainly see that my baggage bay is active, and I’ve even tried turning it off, saving/reloading, and activating it again. The tutorial does not seem to recognize this. (I’ve submitted a bug report, ACEO-43938). Has anyone else seen this before?

We’re looking into it! :slight_smile:


Thank you Olof. :slight_smile: Is it possible for people like me to follow the bug report at Atlassian?

Just for anyone’s reference: you can open the tutorial screen from the Tab menu, and skip a part if it’s stuck. That moved me to the security portion, which also needed skipping since I already had to get it setup. Now it seems to be caught up!

Unofrtunately we were not able to recreate the issue. Do you remember if you did anything particular to cause the state? Can you recreate it?

No, not anymore, due to low demand and the fact that the game is fully release issue handling is from now on private.

I’ve only gotten that far this time, unfortunately. Were you able to see my save with the problem?

I think I may have completed some objectives of the baggage tutorial before the tutorial was on that section, and I wonder if that may have confused it. Same thing with the security tutorial.

Thank you for all of your help looking at this. Maybe it’s just a fluke!

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