[Tutorial] How to expand the playing area

Hello, fellow CEOs!
I saw people asking about this and wanting to do this, so I created a video tutorial on how to do it. But first, I would like to note, that this is not officially supported by the developers and is at your own risk. Neither I nor the developers are responsible for any bugs or lag you might encounter. I didn’t notice any performance difference with the area itself being bigger, but you can, of course, get more stuff in a bigger area which can lead to performance issues.
So, here is the video: [Airport CEO] How to expand the playing area - YouTube
If you have any problems or questions leave a comment or reply to this topic. I would also greatly appreciate any feedback.
Have a great day!


Nice find! Thanks for letting everyone know about it!

Actually not my find, have to give credit to nice people at the Airport CEO Discord server. :slight_smile: I’m glad if you found it useful anyway.

ah. Isn’t messing with save files really interesting?

I do like messing with the save files :smiley: They are quite simple to understand. I already fixed a stuck vehicle on my airport this way :smile:

Did You face any lag issues or any bugs when building on unlocked area

Didn’t notice any issues. I think the lag was more related to the airport being big as I noticed similar lag with a big airport only in the default tile. I noticed one bug where an aircraft taxied through the terminal because it had some trouble finding a path, but that occurred only once in like 5 saves where I did it and it likely has nothing to do with the unlocked tiles. As I said, can’t guarantee anything, but you should be fine.