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Hi everybody,

I would like to suggest to reduce the standard turnaround times for commercial flights. With the recent improvements in Job task logic and vehicle operation logic, turnaround durations at my airports have significantly decreased. Most of my flights go off-block 45 minutes before schedule and all tasks are usually completed even earlier. It would be nice to accomodate more flights per stand per day and therefore I suggest to reduce the default turnaround times as follows:

  • Small stand: 2 hours
  • Medium stand: 3 hours
  • Medium remote stand: 4 hours

Please share your opinion on this.

P.s.: If this is considered by the developers, please implement large security checkpoints at the same time, because it already requires about one medium checkpoint per two medium stands as of now.

Would I be able to know how large your airport is as at least for me as I can’t say about anyone else, with larger airports like mine (32 stands and 6k pax) it often takes the current turnaround time to get flights out, and even if they do go out early I like to know that I have a bit of room just in case a flight gets delayed and not be worrying that there is going to be a large backlog of delayed flights

Sure, my airport is just a few stands smaller (about 26 medium) and of course I sometimes have delayed flights as well. I haven’t really figured out why yet, but I think that these occasions are still due to logic errors of the game that occur every now and then, like check-in counters opening late or airport staff arriving late at the gate. However, the great majority of flights leave as early as possible (usually 45 mins) and in many cases there is also quite a long phase of ideling, until boarding starts, because all other actions are completed. I am very sure, that these changes in turnaround times can be made with just little adjustments.

I think airline should decide when flight will be and how many hours airplane will stay on ground so Airport CEOs (us) will plan flights according to that


Absolutely! Slot request and dynamic turnaround including overnight stay is a must have for me too! I am referring to minimum turnaround times as default.


Absolutely! Slot request and dynamic turnaround including overnight stay is a must have for me too! I am referring to minimum turnaround times as default.

Definitely! Maybe a LCC flightwill only request deboarding and boarding meanwhile a big airline request 24 hours of ground time in between flights (while CEO can park airplane to a remote stand).


As long as we dont have decent road / taxiway / PAX crossings I dont like this, after i do.

Atm you are to restrained from crossing traffic flows in A-CEO.

You should know not to cross the streams :wink:

When you go above a certain size of airport, you have no choice.

I often have delayed flights so I think I might need more time. Perhaps a slider that allows you to adjust the turnaround time by up to 1 hour more/less would be nice.

As i have said before i think Airlines should offer flights with different turnaround times :slight_smile: this depending on what kind of services the Aircraft in fact needs. If it doesn’t need catering and cleaning the turnaround should be shorter then for an Aircraft requiring these services.

I think that if the turnaround process is being optimized turnaround times could be as follows:

For example
Small stand:
1 hour including - Deboarding, fueling, baggage handling and boarding.
2 hours including - Deboarding, fueling, cleaning, catering, baggage handling and boarding.

Medium stand:
2 Hours - Deboarding, fueling, baggage handling and boarding.
3 Hours - Deboarding, fueling, cleaning, catering, baggage handling and boarding.

All turnaround times should have the options to be + 1 hour so I can choose to have a turnaround time of 4 hours but my profit for the flight will be lesser and the airline satisfaction would be lesser as well

Before you say its impossible. It´s if the process is optimized. that is to say for small flights with not a lot of baggage the service truck takes departing baggage out when it comes to leave arriving baggage.For medium stands it might require 2 service cars to be able to get the flight away on time. And stuff like that :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with you in basic, although I would add one hour for everything at the current game speed. If the game speed will be lowered in the future, what I would definitely vote for, your proposed times would work out.

Great idea, but has potential to break big airports. As explained previously taxiway congestion will become a problem with shorter turnaround times. Also, there is A LOT to improve on runway behaviour as currently it is very easy to clog them.

I love the idea of gate parking for commercial flights, however. I think it would add much realism.

I would also like to see slider for airlines with amount of aircraft, parking times and fees. I think we should increase the max aircraft limit for airlines, but allow players to impose restrictions to allow adequate throughput.

Also, how about the more active gates the slower the simulation time? Let’s say 1% per every 5 gates? With big airports it is not turnaround that takes ages - it is taxiing and waiting for a runway to become available

But isn’t that the challenge IRL as well? To operate an airport, on limited ground areal, and have as many flights as possible without having congested taxiways?
EDIT: SRY didn´t notice your last paragraph :stuck_out_tongue: you basically said this haha

I totalt agree that runway behavior would need to be improved/optimized. Maybe new procurements like groundradar or larger ATC-tower could mean that aircrafts don’t taxi the whole lenght of the rwy before departure. A cessna needs significally shorter takeoffrun than o 737 for example. this would allow aircrafts to enter the runway on different taxiways and there would be a meaning to build more than one entrance.

And when you say congestions come with shorter turnaround times. yes ofc it´s true. But its also true that congestion becomes a problem when to many flights is scheduled at the same departure/arrival times. (Regards security as well) By separating departure time for each flight, not between flights, i find that i can have 6 departures and arrivals (12 aircrafts) + 3-4 GA flights each hour without my airport getting congested.

At least for me, that is the challenge of the game :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The challenge becomes unbearable when you exceed 40 gates. The simulation speed is unfortunately still too fast for the amount of throughput, even with 2+ runways, hence my suggestions.

In terms of runway behaviour - it is not about length of runway the aircraft uses… It’s features like lining up or runway crossing and pathfinding that suffer currently. Also no go arounds, no runway vacating through specific taxiway. All that impacts efficiency with bigger airports. Basically pseudo realistic ATC feature.


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