Turnaround Processes

I don’t know if it is just me, but every once in a while I have a flight that seems to wait forever on its airport staff to begin the boarding process, or I have to wait forever for a pushback truck to arrive. I know I have more than a substantial surplus in these staff members/vehicles; so all I can assume is it has to do with the logic behind the processes.

@Olof & @Fredrik, I’m not sure how the processes work, but is it possible to have a trigger where once the first passenger for a flight goes through security, it then prompt the airport staff to start being assigned to the boarding desks? I think this would also mitigate having two boarding desks, but only one being used. I notice this specifically happens because the boarding will open with just 1 staff member present, and that desk is the only “usable” one at the time of boarding being open, causing all PAX to default to that one, regardless of when the second one opens. I feel that if boarding desk assignments happen at the time of the 1st passenger going through security would improve on time/pathfinding, and possible speed up boarding by allowing all 4 (or however many for however many desks one has) airport staff to arrive and open their boarding lanes at once, allowing for 4 versus 2.

I then also suggest the same happen for when the 1st passenger boards the flight then the pushback truck gets dispatched. Inevitably, only my extremely delayed flights (due to boarding, waiting on the last passenger who decided to wander far off into the nether regions of my airport) seem to never have a waiting pushback truck once the last passenger is on the plane. I think once the first passenger boards, if a pushback is dispatched, it will save more time on delayed flights.

If this happens to be implemented, I have a wonderful save to share where it seems to cause massive delays.

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Are these delayed flights? I’ve noticed something that jamms up vehicle assignments on delayed flights and i’ve sent in a bug report about it. Knowing the bug, it makes sense it’s jamming up staff assignments too. (ACEO-6941)

They could be. I just noticed it happening, without paying attention if it is happening to already delayed flights, and now that I think about it, my suggestion would create a domino effect with them. Maybe a happy medium?

Just wondering, are you auto-away-sending delayed flights?

I do it manually, while I have numbered all stands, so, I know which stand is throwing the error. Then you can evaluate the WHY of the stand delay, and bug report that specific issue if applicable.

‘Auto sending away’ planes doesn’t seem to work at the moment (ACEO-6678), so indeed set the option in the flight planner to ‘prompt’ seems the best way of controlling the stands delays at the moment.


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