Turn around times…

Will turn-around times be looked at all???

I look at my bodged 748, 772, 773 and 787 and think compared to the current in-game planes, there’s no way they should be the same turn around times as medium planes. Currently four hours for a medium so if heavies are longer, what six hours? By my reckoning, stand capacity in the real world, (go EG, lets get game time slowed) is double (if not more) at least what we can do. Perhaps you make turn around times a game feature. We plan too short for span per plane we mess up, too long we loose capacity. That would make planning a lot more challenging than the fixed time spans currently.

Contracts could give an expected time too? Arrive at one time, depart at another.

Perhaps it could be made so slots are filled by dragging the length of time you want the plane to be on the stand?




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