Transportation in next or later update

this has has probably been commented before but I had a few ideas about this:and I would like to see this in the terminal update (not sure if this has been confirmed in them but if so keep reading because I have sudgestion on how they could work :slight_smile:)
1: in the new terminal add shuttle buses to take guests from terminal a to terminal b (example)

2: add a monorail this has been said before but I would like it to work like how rails work in openTTD where in it you can make 45’ rails so we can make the most efficient designs

3: shuttle train things (like in Orlando international) where upgrades can go from 2 going back and forth on the like (like their older ones) to multiple on the same track (like their newest one)

4: installed underground make sure they all can be installed under ground so we can have more space for aircraft above ground (watch technology connects third people mover video (The Story of Disney's PeopleMover in Texas - YouTube) for an example of under ground transport)

I am happy to inform you everything on your list will come true in future updates. As this topic has been heavily requested amongst many topics in the forum, we have learned more and more about the inner transportation sector for our airports. The devs have stated that this update will not be anything in the full release of the game, and rather the beta stages of the game.
I myself will be looking out for this feature too! :star_struck::star_struck::smirk:

Can you quote where they have said this?

Uhm, I’m note sure where you’ve read that @win_win but nothing on this list has been promised or is currently in development. What we’ll be looking at for Alpha 35 is walkalators but no other types of transportation have been planned for future updates.

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Won’t we get inner airport transportation added after the full release of the game. I read this in the little document made after the AMA.

I was searching for it last night, but could not find it.

You can find the link to the document here: Discord AMA #4 - #13 by EG0611

It says in line 24:

will we get any transport system between terminals like busses and subways?
This is not something we’re planning before the full release no, unfortunately

So it’s definitely not in the first full release, but might or might not come in any later versions. Nothing promised.


well they said not Before full release - thats means alpha and beta but i think what they said

We are currently in the alpha? Stages of the game. Next we will be moving onto beta? And Beta I believe is the full access of the game.

Which means it is coming out in the beta part of the game.

beta is it still in development where most of the things are in place a few (or sometimes a lot) of things need to be added but in my experience it is mostly for bug fixes

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