Transparent Airplane [solved]

Some Airplanes look like picture:(
I removed game and downloaded it already but It can’t solved:(

Is this a modded airline or one with the base game? If it’s part of the base game then use the in-game bug report tool

It is moded airplane but it worked well before

In that case try and find who made it and tell them something went wrong with it

I’ve got same “problem” with the United Airlines MOD. It only happens when i zoomed out but when i zoomed in the aircraft body is shown correct.

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Are you on a new Apple Computer?

Nope, it’s windows

Is it with all mods or only some of them?

Check if there is an update for your graphic card.

There is also a setting to change the quality of mods. In case your graphic card does not provide enough VRAM (min 2GB), it’s better to use the lower quality.

I solved to set graphic setting to fantastic:)

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