Translate the game?

Do you need help translating? I’m sure there are many CEOs here who can speak another language of few and could help to translate. We would need to have an XML file or use


Yep. Offered the devs my fabulous German skills in an email and the answer is basically you can offer yourself and they “might” contact you when there has the time come. :smiley: :airplane:


Sure, there will be many CEOs they’ll help to translate :smiley:

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Is it not possible to have two open folders in the game dir, one folder with “official” language files, and one with “player made / maintained” language files. Just upload statistics to Steam in use, and get files upgraded to official folder based on user statistics and quality, with a developer check of-course.

I suggest the dev’s to look at, they can run it on their own server and gives users the power to help translating with quality control :). This is how Parkitect does it

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@Alex This looks interesting. We will have a look at it.

@alpha Yes, I think I have seen it. We are sorry, we are not the best at responding on all channels. We get contacted by a lot of people daily (on email, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, reddit, you name it…) and we do our best to keep up. I can, however assure you that we read almost everything. So even if you don’t get a respond, we have in most cases seen it. :slight_smile:


Don’t you worry. You responded and said you might tell me that you need me. :smiley: :airplane:

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Hi everyone!

First of all, awesome game and astonishing work!!!

I’m from portuguese and I just want the Devs to know I’m willing to collaborate in the portuguese translation.

I’ll burst in tears when this come out… :smiley:


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I’ll happily do the Norwegian translation if there’s a need for it.

I know my kids would love to play this game, but their english isn’t up to it yet. But of course, they will have to wait their turn (or i’ll buy multiple copies) ‘cause daddy’s gon’ build himself some eye-candy-airports. :smiley: :smiley:


Hey guys. I know that @alpha offered his help here first but if you have more translating work to do than one German can do (which surely is quite a lot XD), then I would love to offer my help too.

I agree that we can do something like what Factorio do. I think we can call it community-based translation.

That would be a good idea, thankfully my Dutch is a lot better then my English, haha :rofl:

ps. Not sure why it was all the way up at my overview, I thought it was new, sorry guys!
But now we are on the subject, has anything been done with this idea?


That is actually my current job, I can help with French if needed :slight_smile:

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5 most spoken languages: :earth_americas:

Chinese Mandarin






Looks like we already have plenty of volunteers for a Dutch translation! :stuck_out_tongue:


ofcourse we have
dutch is the best language
and german is a fake language

Actually, more people speak english than any language in the world, including non-native speakers. :smirk:

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English is also the language of aviation globally (possibly excluding th DPRK). It adds a semblance of realism to the game having it in English.

I wish I could help with translation but I’m from the UK, where we don’t bother to learn other languages :confused: I suppose I could pen a Scots translation for you?

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I believe Chinese is the most spoken language :slight_smile:


At least you speak proper English.:smirk: