Train Station


We have seen what a difference the addition of the subway has on arriving and departing passengers, so also implement a train station,

Why it should be implemented:

I would see this as a two platform station, one for arrivals and one for departures, the passengers would approach/leave the station from a sidewalk and a train would arrive 3 times per game hour, first the arrivals doors would open and the passengers would depart and head for the terminal. Then the departing passengers could enter. Each train would have a maximum passenger size (maybe each different, and randomly arriving) and if full the train would depart leaving passengers on the platform waiting for the next train. The track for the station could only begin from a external map tile which would add additional elements to airport planning if you want to implement a station or move elsewhere on the map.


The only issue with trains is that the game only supports right angles so you would have to have straight tracks to the edge so it did not look odd. It could work however if we had an underground layer to have platforms you could see but all track covered in tunnels and therefore you would not have to show the train try to make turns

In the beginning you would only need to do it the same as the subway. No need to model a complete railroad (yet)

Yes, a straight line across the bottom or down the side, but instantly disappearing into a tunnel would work, i think you would have to model the platforms and the trains coming and going otherwise there would be no point as having it the same as the subway would not expand the gameplay.

I agree.

Would be awesome if you cloud research it… And build rails where you want not like in SimAirport in front of terminal :wink:

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